Bread is an instant food made from various mixtures of ingredients such as flour, eggs, flour, and other ingredients. Bread contains carbohydrates that are good for the body if consumed properly, making delicious bread and unique shapes certainly cannot be obtained easily. Of course we have to learn first. There are some people who are self-taught through YouTube and some are learning through Bakrie classes to make delicious and beautiful bread.
But it’s not just learning to make bread that you need to know, but there are other tools that you need to know, such as bread-making machines.

This time I will explain what machines to make bread production
This MIXER is a tool for making bread dough.
This machine will knead the entire bread dough until it is well mixed and becomes smooth,
There are also several kinds of dough mixers depending on the capacity;
* bread mixer k.40 liters
This machine has the capacity to make 40 liters of bread dough cake. The driving machine uses an electro motor with a power of hp with a voltage of 220 volts.
The tube and stirrer are made of stainless steel which is anti-rust, making it easy to use and clean.
This mixer also uses an electro motor as a driving machine.
*DMX bread mixer
This machine has a power of about 350 watts with a voltage of 220 volts.
Rotation speed up to 1020 rpm
Machine weight 28.5 kg
This mixer has a capacity of 7 liters
Perfect for making bread at home
The material is also stainless still
Dough Divider Machine
The dough dividing machine is also important for making bread.
This machine is also known as dough divider
The function of this machine is to divide and separate the dough so that the bread dough will be divided into smaller pieces with the size we want.
The proofer machine is used to develop bread dough
By using this machine the dough development process can be faster.
There are several types of proofer machines such as the BSF-YF 14B bread proofer which has one door with 14 arrangements of pans, and there is also the BSF-YF 30B bread proofer which has 2 doors with 30 layers of pans.
This machine uses electricity
The last one is the oven, this machine is used for cooking and drying dough, the oven machine itself is designed in an automatic way for the heating process.
There are many more machines or tools for making home-scale cakes that I have not mentioned one by one. I hope my review is about the types of bread making machines. Hopefully useful for all readers. And can make you a successful bread entrepreneur.

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